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Is God Enough?

Myrtle Beach sunrise....

Myrtle Beach sunrise….


Is God enough? How dare I ask such a question?

We are studying a new book for bible study and it is on WORSHIP.

Worship being ‘anything we value or ascribe worth to’.

We are really getting to the bottom of ‘what’ or ‘who’ we worship. We may all say that we are worshiping God, but in actuality when we take a look at where the bulk of our time, money, energy and attention goes…….we may come to another conclusion.

Some of us worship our families, our jobs, our possessions and ourSELVES.

Last week, in the book, we got to discussing Psalm 16. In it David is talking about his trust and security in God. He is thoroughly satisfied to dwell IN God. Choosing to experience pleasures found with God rather than elsewhere.

But what happens when we don’t feel like God is enough, because we’ve had so many pleasurable experiences ‘outside’ of God? I’m not just talking about sexual experiences, I’m talking about those of us that are foodies/gluttonous, shopaholics, selfish, vain, lazy etc…….even those of us who are workaholics.

I really got to thinking about it. Even though most of us would not outright say that God is not enough, I would argue that our actions say it.

I’ll pick one thing……unforgiveness.

When we hold on to unforgiveness, we choose something that pleasures us and not what pleasures God. Are we saying that God is not ‘enough’ to handle the wrong (s) done against us? Perhaps we are…..

Anyway, just the words in my thinking cap for today. We are all somewhere in the process of being more like Christ.

Have a great week!

Blessings always.


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Flashback ~ Jerusalem~


The Golgotha Altar.....the crucifixion site.

The Golgotha Altar…..the crucifixion site.

Today we celebrate Good Friday….a ‘good’ Friday for us, but it was not so ‘good’ of a  Friday for Christ. Sometimes I don’t think the magnitude of what Jesus did for us really sinks in.

About fourteen years ago I was able to take a tour of Jerusalem, Israel. I was deployed with the military and we had stopped in Haifa, Israel; I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tour Jerusalem.

In the past couple of months I have done more studying on the significance of this week than ever before, in preparation for a sermon on Palm Sunday and one last night; Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday. It really made me think back on this trip many years ago, being just a babe in Christ then.

the city of Jerusalem in the was hot!

the city of Jerusalem in the background….it was hot!

Last night we celebrated Communion as Christ did with his disciples. But the gospel of John recorded that Jesus also washed the feet of his disciples (John 13). The one thing I remembered from my trip was that it was hot and dusty. Back then they wore sandals everywhere so foot washing was normal. But it was considered a menial task and one only the lowliest of slaves did. But Jesus, the ultimate servant, did it. Showing us that we are supposed to serve each other with humility. Like Rick Warren says, “humility is no thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less”.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher...

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher…

I guess I am in somewhat of a reflective mood at the moment. Because sometimes I don’t think watching the Passion movies and reading about the crucifixion really causes the magnitude of the price paid for our sins to sink in. I really think reflecting on what that personally means for each of us is what is most humbling.

It’s not just watching it unfold on the screen, but personally knowing that it’s my addiction on that cross, my lies on the cross, my fornication on the cross, my abortion on the cross, my hatred on the cross, my unforgiveness on the cross etc….and He paid it all! What does the cross mean to you?

May each of you have a wonderful celebration on Resurrection Sunday.

Blessings always



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Forgiveness…the gift you give yourself!

forgiveness...the gift you give yourself :)

forgiveness…the gift you give yourself 🙂

Forgive – to stop feeling anger or resentful toward someone for an offense, flaw, or mistake.

Forgiveness is an issue that many people struggle with, not to mention Christians. We have a hard time getting over wrongs and slights. Some of us carry it around for years and we are very proud of the grudges we hold. We carry them around like a badge of honor. Not realizing that we are drinking poison and expecting someone else to die! Most times, we carry the badge alone.

You see, more times than we can count, the other person has moved on. We boast about cutting people off because of what they have done to us. We boast about who we don’t talk to, whose phone calls we ignore, those we wish bad fortune on. Yes, unforgiveness can run deep and get ugly. Read the rest of this entry »


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