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“Going under the Knife”…..



just a little humor......but our God knows exactly what HE is doing :)

just a little humor……but our God knows exactly what HE is doing 🙂

 It’s been a while since I have written a post, and though I could have thrown something together, I like writing from an internal compulsion when something inspires me. Well, not to say that I haven’t been inspired over the past two months, but today was different. I had an ‘aha’ moment.

Over the past month or so, God has been dealing with me from the topic “Hunger for Humility”. He has been exposing things and thought processes in me that stemmed from pride and not humility. And it hasn’t been the obvious things that we would recognize and call pride……but it was in my impatience, my irritability, my having to deal gracefully with those who have offended me. Me wanting to see a little vindication (especially if I could help out 😉 ). But hearing God say “can you let me handle it, how and when I choose to?”….and giving Him a weak ‘Yes God’.

Anyway this is the season that I have been in…..learning not only to embrace the lessons God sends my way, but embracing the multiple ‘ways’ in which He sends them.

With that being said, I was in bible study this afternoon and a lady in the session said something that birthed my ‘aha’ moment. She said that as Christians we need to be more willing to go under the knife rather than take pills and self-medicate.

As I was driving back to work, I couldn’t help but ruminate on what she said. Let’s look at it:

Going under the Knife – requires one to be totally at the mercy of the surgeon. If God is our Surgeon, then we are totally at His mercy as to what He wants to cut out, trim away, prune, sew on etc. We are totally at His mercy, totally surrendered with no objections and excuses.

Self-Medicating – We can chose to fill or not to fill the prescription. Choose to follow the directions as to how many pills we want to take, when we take them, forget to take them etc. This is where our own rationalization comes in. Our reasons, excuses and explanations come in. After all we know best right?

Always a lawyer at heart, I still have a few arguments and excuses, but next level always requires a DEATH of something that is offensive to God.

We have to stay on the table until HE's done....

We have to stay on the table until HE’s done….

So, my question to you to answer or ponder is: what has God revealed to you and about you that HE wants to cut away? Is it pride? Is it selfishness? Is it anger? Is it laziness? Is it procrastination? Is it hatred? Is it unforgiveness? Is it impatience? Is it lust? Is it mean spiritedness? Is it offense? I might have missed something that pertains to you, but if you’re like me, you already know what HE has been highlighting over the past few weeks, months or years.

Try Him and see if he wouldn’t replace it with more of HIM. More of His love, His compassion, His humility, more of HIM!

Embrace it 😉

Enjoy this beautiful day!!!

Blessings always




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Overcomer of the week ~Yvonne’s story ~ part 2

my grandson and I...

my grandson and I…

The priest gave me the book and this message – God said you are special to Him.

I was special to God. Wow. I felt like I was garbage and did not deserve to be wanted by such a loving God. But, God wanted me. God saw value in me when I could not. He loved me when I would not love myself. In that moment my heart surrendered.

I believed that saying yes to God would ease things, but things became more difficult. The more I loved and surrendered to God the more that love changed me. My volatile disposition, desire to smoke, get high and fight, had become a thing of my past. I was not only living with God, I was living for God.

Yvonne 4

Then my husband decided that my life with a God he did not want was more important than my life with him so he left me and moved in with his girlfriend across the street. I felt betrayed, embarrassed and broken. I almost fell apart the first time I saw her sitting on his lap; or his underwear, pants and shirts on her clothesline. I could hear them from my bedroom window, laughing and living while I seemed to be dying.

The walk home from the bus stop was a constant race to make it to my door before the tears rolled down my face. His betrayal and my pain were center stage for the world to see. My kids would watch them from our living room window wondering why daddy was across the street with her and not home with us. All I could do was muster up enough strength to keep moving.

There were times when he would come home on Friday with all of his clothes, we thought it was over but by Sunday he would be back with her again and I would have to pack up his belongings and get my dear friend to take them to him across the street. I was the wife who became the other woman.

I could not breathe. Read the rest of this entry »


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Overcomer of the week ~Renita’s Story~

loving God, loving llife and loving me ;)

loving God, loving llife and loving me 😉

I’m an overcomer today. Overcoming obstacles daily. There are many things that I am free from and never thought that I would be walking freely in. Truly who God sets free is free indeed. I am an overcomer of needing people’s love, approval and acceptance. I used to look to people for something that only God could give. There was a deep root inside of me that wanted to be loved and accepted.

I wanted people to give things to me unconditionally. I didn’t realize I had to love myself first. I didn’t like or love myself as I should have. My self esteem was very low. To know what love was, I had to allow God to show me. He showed me how much He loved me and how to love myself through His salvation, His word and very patient people.

My relationship with people struggled because before I could love another, I had to love me. I wanted love but I didn’t know what that looked like. When I went after what I thought it looked like, I repeatedly got hurt, disappointed and often felt rejected. That happened a lot, but each time drew me closer to God.

I am also an overcomer from food addiction. This started early in my childhood. My mother, a single parent, loved me the best way she knew how. She never let me go hungry. I could have food anytime and in any amount. That lead me to be dependent on food and I had an unhealthy relationship with it. I abused it and I didn’t know how to eat. I ate when I was happy, sad, mad, lonely, or bored.

food was my comfort...

food was my comfort…

Food was my comfort, happiness, and emotional stabilizer. It made everything alright. It was always there when no one else was and I fell in love with it. Food to me was like drugs to the drug addict, alcohol to the alcoholic.

My weight ballooned to almost 300lbs. Many times over the years I was able to lose weight. But it always came back. It was never about losing weight, it was always about dealing with the issues that caused me to seek food for comfort.

But through it all, wanting me to surrender, was a gracious loving God who was ready to deliver me from something I didn’t want to give up. I was challenged to give up the love of my life…FOOD!

My path to overcoming was down the road of SURRENDER. I opened up and got to the root of my addiction. It required making different choices, being honest and transparent, and allowing God to make the changes in me. I had to do it God’s Way.

making better choices...

making better choices…

Long story short, God has taken almost 100lbs off of my physical body. Weights of disappointment, rejection, hurt, anger and unforgiveness. He replaced it with HIM!

Today I am not only an overcomer, I am a victorious overcomer and striving to show others how to do it God’s Way.




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