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The struggle of Acceptance….


“She slipped into a coma and she’s not breathing on her own.

She went in to get a blood clot removed and a piece of it traveled to her lungs. She was without oxygen for about an hour. She’s my best friend and I asked God not to take her. He could take whoever else he wanted, but not her!

She has been through so much, the loss of a child, a number of current ailments and as I looked at her on that bed, she looked so tired Jackie. I wanted God to heal her, I didn’t want to lose her, she has been a great friend to me from day one and I wanted her with me. But as I stood there, God said I was being selfish. Selfish!

She had actually received Christ a couple days prior. And God said to me “she’s saved”. I prayed for God to have His will. He is able to heal, but sometimes that’s not His will. I am at peace inside either way; I can’t even explain it, Jackie.”

I listened quietly. My mind recalling our bible study two days prior. My pastor had talked about being in sync with God’s will. Especially syncing with His will when a loved one is going through an affliction, when an elderly parent is sick and in pain, and when we have to watch our children endure growing pains etc.

While in that study, one of the brothers talked about his elderly mother being in the hospital. Every time she was admitted he would pray for God not take her. He didn’t want to lose his mother. She would be in pain, incoherent and out of it at times. But she finally told him, quite clearly, that she was tired. He said he knew what that meant.

I listened quietly on that day too. It is truly in these scenarios when my spirit is the calmest. I am sure footed on the sovereignty of God, but there is a finesse that only God has when He tells someone they are being selfish in such a situation.

I can honestly say I was thankful I was on the listening end; with soothing words and an I love you.

Sometimes we pray for a thing and the way God goes about it is most definitely not the way we want Him to.

Sometimes the answer to the prayer is no.

‘What if your blessings come through raindrops, what if your healing comes through tears…what if trials of this life are your mercies in disguise? (Laura Story’s ‘Blessings’)

My heart aches with encouragement right now. For the praying friend who waits patiently for her best friend to awaken from her deep sleep. For the sister who just buried her mother a day ago. For the person struggling with a new diagnosis of pain. For the mother and father trying not to intervene on the process God is taking their child through.

I think on my talks with God when my own best friend was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I badly needed His perspective.

Accepting God’s will might pain us at times, but I truly can offer no better alternative.

Be a support today, smile, encourage, pray, give, be there, listen, hug and give an I love you. It makes a difference 🙂




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wait on the Lord...

wait on the Lord…

I am in a season where God is working on my patience; or lack thereof 🙂 You know the kind where no one ever seems to be moving fast enough? Yep; the kids, the husband, the car in front of you, the cashier, the customer in front of you with 15 coupons and five price checks….

Well I was driving home yesterday trying to beat Friday afternoon rush ‘hour’ traffic and God said “Look at how calm you are”. And I realized that I was actually enjoying my commute home. I had scheduled to meet someone and I had given myself as much time as I needed. I realized three things about what we consider to be impatience.

Lack of Planning – impatient people mis-manage the control of their time and then want to control how other people move. We don’t leave the house on time and therefore have no buffer for the what ifs along the way. We schedule appointments and commit to events back to back barely giving ourselves time to move from one thing to another. So God forbid if someone is asking too many questions or someone stops you because they are in need…we say “Lord, I don’t have time for this”.

Bad listening skills – some of us cut people off when they are speaking or even if we don’t, we can’t wait for them to shut up so we can speak. You see, we want to have our say. Perhaps we feel that what we have to say is more important? If we strive to catch ourselves when we do this we’ll see our patience in conversations improve. Make a note while they are speaking about what you want to say so you don’t forget it, and then give them your undivided attention.

Trusting God (or not) – some of us are downright impatient because we don’t have all of our trust in God. We are even impatient with Him! If He were to give us EVERYTHING that He has for us we would surely buckle under the enormity of it. Success is on the way for some of us, but God knows until He works on our pride, humility and our love for Him, we wouldn’t know how to handle it.

God is a God of impeccable timing and rhythm and He is precisely accurate in ALL that He does. Don’t let anything come out of you that is premature!

Lastly, as brothers and sisters we can be impatient with each other. Especially when people aren’t turning their lives around as fast as we think that they should. Who was patient with you? Someone tarried with you until you saw the light. Your process might have been shorter than someone else, but stay encouraging and listening and being there; God will tell you when you’re done.

Galatians 5:22-23 – But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. There is no law against such things. (we can never have too much of these) 🙂

Be Blessed



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Don’t second guess the voice of God…

hear God in the stillness...

hear God in the stillness…

Don’t second guess the voice of God….

God communicates with us in so many ways. First and foremost, the beauty of it is that He wants to communicate with us. For some of us it is a feeling we get, perhaps an inkling, or we hear Him, or the usually ‘something’ told me. Well, the Holy Spirit is not a ‘thing’ or an ‘it’, but He does communicate with us. The trick is to be sensitive to the voice of God.

About five months ago I was leaving my office to go in the field to do some work. I had the thought to grab two pens, but I figured that I didn’t need two and I grabbed the one that had the most ink. Well, when I got out there, my partner forgot his pen and needed one. Needless to say, had I grabbed the two pens that the Holy Spirit was leading me to grab, we would not have been scrambling for another pen. Read the rest of this entry »

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