Are you living on Purpose? Part 1

14 Mar



When the student is ready, the teacher will appear ~ Buddhist Proverb

Do you believe this? I do.

Since the beginning of this new year I’ve been focused on accomplishing everything that God had in mind when He created me. Using every gift, talent, treasure, my personality, experiences (good and bad), attitude, humor, passions, hobbies….you get the idea. I want to go back to Him empty.

There is a venue that I love to use for my Junk in the Trunk sessions (another post all together) and the price has gone up. I was a little irritated by that so I asked God to let me know if I should even bother. Even though I already knew the answer (I just hadn’t settled it within me).

Well, the other day the clip on the case of my work phone broke. So I went to get a new one from the person that handles our phones. She’s a little lady, very unassuming, with stringy hair and frumpy clothes. I’ve seen her for years heading to her car, head down and going about her life. Never really talked to her and only knew her name by the placard outside her door.

As I stood waiting for her to get the clip, my eyes were drawn to a photo collage on her left wall. One particular photo caught my eye again and again. In the photo was a little dark skinned boy and she was holding a stethoscope to his chest.

As I was standing there God said “Ask her about the photo.”

I was like ‘I don’t want to be all in her business about her photos, I’m just here to get my clip.’

Again God said “Ask her about the photo.”

So I was like “Fine.”

When she bought the clip back I said “Ma’am, that photo with the little boy, where is that?”

And it was like she was waiting for me to ask! She lit up in front of me. She went on to explain that the photo was taken in Jamaica on one of the mission trips that she and her husband go on every year. And they had been doing it for twelve (12) years! She said they go every year for about two weeks. She said the mission field in Jamaica was their heart. The area they go to has no running water and no medical treatments available etc. She said they pack their suitcases to the max and leave everything they bring.

She said at the end of the trips they are told to leave their dirty clothes. She said the first time she didn’t want to leave her dirty clothes for someone else to wash, but once she found out that someone could wash her clothes for money that would enable them to eat for a few weeks, she gladly left them.

One year she said she and several women from her church went and spent the whole two weeks in a room sewing uniforms. It was like Christmas morning delivering the uniforms to the children. She said she even left her sewing machine so someone maybe could start a small business and have a way to feed their family. She said she always has a hard time living in the excess we live in here when she comes back; taking so much for granted.

She told me about so many stories of how God showed Himself on those trips and stopped herself several times to ask me ‘if she was being too personal’. I told her ‘no, I’m right there with you.”

We talked for about 45 minutes and then she said ‘I’ve shared so much and I don’t even know your name.” I told her, but it really didn’t matter.

Anyway I told her about how I was debating about paying the extra to host my sessions and she said “so what are you going to do?”

I told her “You have blessed me, I will confirm the date for my session.”

I am always moved when I see people who find themselves and their ‘thing’ in life and are going after it with gusto. Honestly the extra I had to pay was in no comparison to what it would cost to go to Jamaica, take supplies, take off from work for two (2) weeks etc. When we are on purpose, we throw everything we have behind it.

Have you found your niche in God’s Kingdom? Is it a business, writing a book, studying to be a better teacher, studying to be more versed in His word, finishing that degree, blogging, photography etc? Or just maybe you need to start getting ready because when the opportunity presents itself, there is no time to ‘get ready’ then!

There is something that we all already have in us to give.

Have you become distracted, unfocused and discouraged? Well please be encouraged to know that there are several of our brothers and sisters around us who are living on purpose. And I know that when we ask God to show us who we are, why He made us the way He did, why we had the experiences we did, why certain things anger us and certain things don’t, why we gravitate to help children or elderly or animals or hug trees etc…..He will show us.

Have a great week, and be looking for all the opportunities coming your way!!!

Blessings always.



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