Prayer Appointment

13 Jun
Sunset...Turks and Caicos

Sunset….Turks and Caicos

Today I was sitting in noon day Bible Study and we were talking about Luke 19:45-48. My pastor began speaking on the topic of the church being a house of prayer. We all got to discussing how the church as a whole has lost the effectiveness of prayer as a true offensive weapon. But even in our own prayer lives we don’t seek after God like we should. We don’t make the necessary sacrifices to check in with God for our every move.

We don’t see God in our everything. We don’t yearn after Him to where we want to stay in constant communication with Him. In all honesty, I believe some of us don’t even like to pray. It makes us uncomfortable, we don’t know what to say or how to say it. We’re worried about what it will sound like and even what it should sound like. We have these thoughts that if God knows everything, then why is there a need to pray? We cast that down in the name of Jesus.

God wants to talk to you. God wants you to set an appointed time to meet Him and then meet Him there. He wants to answer all of your questions and soothe your troubled mind. He wants to tell you what to do with your gifts and talents. He wants to develop your relationship with Him. He wants to guide you and develop you. He wants to show you the things He likes and doesn’t like. He wants to do it, but these instructions and guidance only come in an intimate way when we meet God.

Now prayer is merely a conversation with God. We can have multiple conversations with people through out any given day, but we put conversing (praying) with God in a different category. This is a matter of perspective. And I pray that we each get the right perspective and stop under utilizing one of our most powerful weapons. Let me close with this experience that changed my perspective.

One day, about six years ago, I had decided that I would get up, pray and have some study time with God at 5 am the next morning. Well, when the alarm went off, I smacked the snooze button a couple times and never made my 5 am prayer appointment. Later on that day, a coworker and I decided that we were going to eat out for lunch. She had to leave the office but she said she would be back for us to eat lunch. I waited past our usual lunch break and when she did come back, she said she had stopped and had lunch with someone else. I was so annoyed. I was irritated and hungry; trying to shake it off. On my way to get something to eat I talked to God about it and He said “That’s how I felt this morning. When you said you were going to meet ME at 5 am and you didn’t show up”.

It broke my heart. I never looked at it like that. Never. I never thought that God was looking forward to meeting me at the appointed time that I set! You know that feeling when you’re excited to see someone and they don’t show up? They leave you sitting there alone at the table, looking out the window all forlorn. Let’s stop doing this to God. Pick a time and meet Him. It is ALWAYS a blessing.

Be Blessed


I’d love to know how God is challenging you in this area. Please share so we can strengthen each other 🙂

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  1. osarobohenry

    March 4, 2014 at 9:35 pm

    JC, thanks so much for the follow. May the Lord richly bless you more abundantly in the name of Jesus Christ.


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